By Design



Sanitising for many has been harsh on skin and increasingly uncomfortable. Being responsible for your hygiene should not mean discomfort. So we’ve taken the time to develop a formula that considers skincare, comfort and hydration to be as important as the antiviral and antibacterial function.

We want to shift a necessary evil to an easy, positive experience.

So Anti 75 finds the balance between a lab proven antiviral biocide and a premium skincare product. This means it’s effective beyond the ordinary cosmetic grade antibacterial sanitisers, effective against viruses while being kind to skin, with a fresh and vibrant scent.We also took the time to source the most sustainable natural sugarcane packaging as an alternative to yet more plastic and our alcohol is sourced from plants, not fossil fuels.  It’s sanitiser evolved, where each of these 3S’s combine into something more effective.

A new generation of sanitiser, upgraded by design.

While hand hygiene has become a necessary part of our everyday lives, it extends beyond today. For those who care about their own health and the health of those around them, clean hands is an easy way to protect, now and in the future.

It's a habit to keep. End of Transmission.