About Us

We are a team of friends. Small but committed to the task.

With open and curious minds.

We care about people and the environment we all share.

Unavoidably then, we want change.

So we think about how to make things better.

But that's meaningless without turning to action.

So we DO.

And change means challenging what's established, 'normal', 'the way it is'.

So we DEFY.

And while Anti 75 starts with a hand sanitiser, it's not the whole story.

It's the start of something.

We wanted to improve and upgrade, the product, and the impact on the world.

Whole products.

There's so much to change, and therefore, so many who DO and DEFY.

So we'll support and enable them as best we can through Anti 75.

We don't know where it ends, but we do know where it starts.

Do. Defy. Repeat.