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Hand hygiene and Skincare matter far beyond right now. Clean hands is an easy way to protect, now and in the future. Keep the habit.


Those who take action, who won't accept things just as they are, that are shaping things as they should be in hygiene & environment. We will support where their hands and hearts are.


For those who DO. Use DO21 code for 20% discount on all orders over £10.

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Sustainability, built from the ground up.



It's only hand sanitiser, but this one is antiviral. not just a cosmetic grade anitibacterial. Anti 75 is lab proven to be biocide grade and that matters, now and far beyond now. But sanitising without functional, conditioning skincare is a compromise we don't accept because it discourages use. So Anti 75 blends natural essential oils to hydrate and protect to make effective hygiene easy. We give a damn, so we use sugarcane packs and alcohol from plants not fossil fuels. So yes, it is hand sanitiser.


Sanitiser Evolved

Sanitising is critical. But sanitiser that damages and cracks skin, making it painful to use, that smells unpleasant, is counterproductive. Sanitiser is only effective and reducing everyone’s risk if it’s used.

Skincare then becomes much more important than being a ’nice to have’ and instead becomes about being easy and beneficial to use.

So a sanitiser that is built around a foundation of functional skincare, to encourage use, is seriously beneficial.

It’s sanitiser upgraded.

Biocide Grade Skincare

Most hand sanitisers are cosmetic grade products. We took our time to develop a biocide grade product, produced in the UK, with the best ingredients. Where many sanitisers are produced to BS EN standard 1276, this is the most basic level. Anti 75 is rigorously lab tested and certificated to much higher standards including BS EN 14476.

These are more than just numbers.

It’s the difference between being just a cosmetic antibacterial or being antiviral and antibacterial.

When viruses are the threat, being a lab proven antiviral matters.

So, not all hand sanitisers are created equal.

Natural Protection

The natural essential oils are selected for function as much as fragrance.

May Chang, Petitgrain, Orange Peel, Aloe Vera and Spearmint, combine to condition and nourish the skin, with additional anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties. 

This protects your skin while protecting health.

By Design

We put great effort into sourcing the only plant based packaging that can safely contain alcohol, without the use of synthetic barriers and plastics.

It’s made from sugarcane.

It definitely wasn’t the path of least resistance, but it means that we can avoid adding yet more unnecessary plastic waste to the world.

We also made sure to source our key ingredients from natural sources, so no synthetics, just natural essential oils and plant based alcohol.

It's so hard to find a good plant-based hand sanitiser. Love the boujie design. I always carry sanitiser with me and Anti75 is my new fave.

Demi Colleen @demicolleen

It's clearly labelled vegan and it's cruelty free and it smells amazing. It doesn't feel super drying like most hand sanis. Very excited about this. Thank you for saving my NHS hands.

Lucy @veryhungry.vegan

Aloe Vera, May Chang, Orange & Spearmint scent smells so lush. I was so fed up with sanitisers drying out my hands but these hydrate and protect!

Sarah @norfolkfamilyoutings

Amazing packaging and smell! I will be sharing the product with some friends to spread around.

Ruben De Monte @rubendemonte
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